Are You Abusive Or Violent?-Take The Online Quiz Now!

​Are You Abusive or Violent?

In recent blogs I have tried to give a full understanding of what anger, abuse and violence are. To ​find out more about these topics, ​please read the following two articles:

In ​this ​blog I want to ​personalise these ​topics by helping you assess if you ​act in abusive or violent ways in your relationship.

​To help you ​assess ​this, I ​have written a short quiz called:

​"Are You Abusive Or Violent?"​

You can take the quiz below.

​Before you take this quiz keep in mind that almost all of us act in some abusive, controlling or violent ways in relationships. In fact, ​only the most evolved of us are entirely free of control issues!

​The "Are You Abusive Or Violent?" quiz consists of 25 behaviors that many victims of abuse in relationships report experiencing. 

​​At the end of this quiz I will assess your level of abuse or violence. I will also give you suggestions for how to address your level of abuse or violence.

​If you have any questions arising from this quiz ​please contact me here or include your question in the comments below.


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